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Medical Spa NW
The CoolSculpting® Experts!
The Art of CoolSculpting®
The artistry starts with assessment

CoolSculpting is proven to kill unwanted tissue. Making tissue reduction look esthetic is an art. Our CoolSculpting team is trained and experienced to make your transformation look esthetic*.

Every Body is Different

The distribution of excess tissue is as unique as a fingerprint. It is common to find areas that are asymmetrical and/or lumpy. Our CoolSculpting artists analyze your unique pattern and develop a custom treatment plan.

Treatment to Transformation

Treatment to Transformation

Treatment to transformation is a whole body approach to tissue reduction. Many people are interested in reduction to the chin, arms, thighs, etc. Our CoolSculpting team will look for opportunities for tissue reduction beyond the flanks and abdomen.

The following areas have been cleared by the FDA for treatment. Please inquire about 'off-label' treatments.

Better Tools Make a Better Artist

Latest Generation Applicator

We use the latest generation of applicators. These applicators are more comfortable, treat tissue more thoroughly and are wider. Have a wider applicator allows our team to treat tissue that was not possible before.

*Results and Patient Experience May Vary